Childrens Cold and Flu

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Our Children's Cold & 'Flu is a milder version of the Cold & Sinus blend, formulated especially for children over the age of 1 year. These essential oils aid with congestion, aid in recovery and help prevent infection when used at the first signs of a cold or 'flu. They have anti-viral, anti-microbial and expectorant properties.

There are a number of applications for the essential oil blends. A few drops can be added to a bath, to the Organic Massage Oil or an unscented, natural lotion base. Massage your child's back, chest area and the soles of their feet with the oil or lotion. A few drops can be put in each corner of your child's pillow, added to a steam vapourizer or an oil burner.

5ml - amber glass bottle

  • No artificial fragrances or preservatives (parabens)
  • No petrochemicals
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Non-toxic

Ingredients: pure essential oils, including eucalyptus smithii (eucalyptus), melaleuca alternafolia (tea tree)

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Great product!
5 product stars

I have been using the Children s Cold and Flu blend since 2002. What I really love about it is two fold. It is pretty common in a household of 2 elementary school girls to have stuffy noses, chesty coughs and clogged sinuses. With this blend I can either add to their baths or drop on their pillow (or tissue) and know they (and I) will have sound sleeps. The second thing I love, is that I know the product is made with all natural ingredients with absolutely no side effects (the girls don t end up groggy). As a bonus it also smells fabulous, unlike other petroleum based rubs.

Posted by Rebecca on 2012-02-06
Children's Cold and Flu
5 product stars

I have been using this product all winter season. It has helped my child breathe easier and recover faster. It is a must have for families.

Posted by Adrienne on 2011-03-27

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